How it started

Welcome to HQgambling, where you will find exclusive gambling promotions, reviews of the best online bookmakers and casinos, in-depth betting guides, sports betting picks and more!

HQgambling was founded in 2021, but we have more than ten years of experience in sports betting. In the world of betting and gambling things can get pretty complicated and as almost every punter (a person who gambles) we too have hit some bumps along the way. One of the reasons we created this website is to guide fellow punters, so they do not make the same mistakes.

To be a successful punter you do not only need to find the best bookmakers and casinos, but also have to learn to control your emotions, protect your bankroll (the amount of money you have set aside for gambling) and stick to a well-thought-out plan.

At HQgambling we are working hard to provide you with a list of reliable bookmakers, great bonuses and other offers. We strive to cover all the bases of online gambling by also providing in-depth betting guides, sports betting picks and gambling related news. All the content is free and can be used to develop your skills and become a better punter.

Affiliate Marketing

We believe that the content we provide is of great help for anyone looking to become a better punter, but also for people just looking for online bookmakers and bonus offers. It takes a good amount of time, effort and money to provide the free content and to keep everything up-to-date.

Because we do not want to put all content behind a pay-wall we make use of affiliate marketing. Most links on our website are affiliate links, which will tag you as being referred from us. It will be of great help to us if you use the affiliate links if you enjoy our content.

You can rest assured that we make all reasonable effort to only work with licensed and trustworthy affiliate partners.